Music Projects

Early Days of Club Promotions DC

Started Music School Sweden

International Hip Hop Project (Germany & Spain) Click the image to see European Union- Hip Hop Documentary

Set up concert for local DC Artist Asheru Unspoken Heard in Sweden

International Compilation CD with U.S, Swedish & Japanese Artists

Sony ATV Music Publishing Collaboration

Tim Weedon is from Washington DC. He has worked in the music industry for over 15 years in the U.S, Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom. He started his career doing club promotions and worked at EMI Records in New York. He has managered various musical groups and won a Swedish Grammy for best new musical group. He started a publsihing collaboration with Sony Music ATV/Sweden. In addition he started the first Soul Music School in Stockholm, Sweden called the Modern Soul Academy (MSA). Tim has also worked in Ireland and Germany for the past 5 years teaching music courses. He has dedicated his career to the love of music and always supported young people in thier quest to work in the music industry.